We are preserving the legacy of the United States Army Air Forces at Wendover Airfield and the sacrifices of ordinary citizens and soldiers during the extraordinary events of World War II.


Our focus is to preserve the historic location and resources that were dedicated during World War II to developing the United States Air Forces into a formidable group that could help win the war. We are providing a venue that helps explain World War II history, promotes ongoing learning and helps develop an interest in the sciences and technology associated with aviation and engineering.



Learn how the historic Wendover Airfield played a role in the conclusion of WWII.



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The Untold Story

See how the Wendover Airfield was utilized in World War II as a unique part of the manhattan project.

Restoration Projects

We believe in preserving the legacy that has lived here in Wendover. In order to do so, we are focusing our efforts on restoring a number of buildings, aircraft, and other aspects of this historic airfield. We have completed several major projects and have plans to do many more.

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News From the Museum

We want you and your family to learn from all the stories of the men and women that served our great country to protect the freedoms we have today. Take a look at some of the articles we have highlighted in our digital archives.