Administration Building 1808

Administration Building 1808

Then & Now


This building does not show a specific purpose on the layout plans. However, it is located in close proximity to the four celestial navigation trainers and was likely used as an administration office for the airman training in the celestial trainers along with other procedures.

Restoration Details

Constructed in 1944

1600 sq. feet

Adjacent to 4 celestial navigation towers

Continued Story

The roof of the building had partially collapsed so was carefully removed so that the walls were preserved.  New roof trusses were installed, the walls plumbed and a new roof was installed.  The windows have been restored and the siding replaced where necessary and painted.  The electrical and plumbing are partially complete at this point.


Finishing the restoration will require an HVAC system for heating/cooling, finishing the electrical and plumbing and installing wallboard on the interior.  Then some interior finishes to complete the restoration and it should be ready for occupancy.


The building will be used to house some of the archival drawings and base information.  Volunteers and museum staff will be able to use this building for the construction of exhibits and other projects.

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