B-29 Hangar Tour & Base Restoration - Historic Wendover Airfield
Historic Wendover Airfield, Wendover Utah, Wendover Nevada,
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Video Lessons

B-29 Hangar Tour & Base Restoration

B-29 Hangar Tour & Base Restoration

Video Summary & Highlights

Join us on our last weekly live history lesson as we venture through the B-29 hangar built for the atomic mission group. Our director, Jim Petersen, also discusses previous and future restoration efforts at the Historic Wendover Airfield.
Check out our museum website http://www.wendoverairbase.com/ for more information on the base, upcoming events, and to view our online store (PX)!

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4:59 - Overview of the B-29 hangar

11:21 - Restoration efforts around the airfield

22:27 - A call to action to preserve this history

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