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Fire Station Tour

Fire Station Tour

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Join us for a virtual tour of the historic fire station here at the Historic Wendover Airfield. We’ll see the building, vintage apparatus, learn why rescue personnel are so essential at a military airfield, and the technological firefighting innovations that came out of WWII.

Special thanks to the Palmer family for their firefighting legacy here on base and their numerous contributions, to the Arizona Ground Crew Living History Unit for their donation of the Class 135 crash truck, and to our first responders.
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To view our sources and learn more about the topic, check out these resources:

Fire Trucks at War by Ted Heinbuch

Websites by Jim Davis, 1204th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon Veteran/Historian…

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0:31 - Original use of the historic fire station

1:48 - Why do we need firefighters on base?

10:59 - Alarm Room

14:40 - M530C Fire Engine

20:40 - Class 135 Crash Truck

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