Nurse’s Quarters

Then & Now


The first nurses arrived at Wendover Army Air Base (WAAB) in 1943 soon after this hospital complex had been completed. Chief Nurse 1st Lt. Selma Moody arrived in March, soon followed by six additional nurses. Within a year there were 17 nurses stationed at WAAB to provide essential medical services. It is likely 17 nurses were the most present on base at any time based on historical records.

Restoration Details

The building is 150’ long and 30’ wide built on a concrete block foundation

There are 30 small rooms, including restrooms, and common areas

This building still is connected with the hospital walkways on the east

Story Continued

This building served as living quarters for the nurses and included personal rooms, a restroom on either end of the building, an office, and a social area. Stateside nurses occasionally had the luxury of private rooms, as was the case here in Wendover. When not working in the hospital wards or receiving further medical or military training, nurses would have relaxed and socialized here with their peers.


We are currently restoring some of the rooms in the building to create a nursing exhibit to explore contributions they made and to highlight women who served at WAAB in World War II. This work on the exterior will help preserve the building and make it more presentable once it  is more open to visitors.

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