Shower & Latrine Building

Shower and Latrine Building

Then and Now


There are two shower / latrine buildings (buildings 2406, 2417) remaining on the airfield, although the interiors of both have been significantly modified.  With no toilet facilities in the barracks, airmen needed to walk from their barracks to these buildings for all their personal needs.  The toilets, showers, and basins were all lined up in a row with no partitions, so it was not a private event.   There was a hot water tank outside of the building, but with so many people, a hot shower was not likely; at least the chill was taken out of the water.

The original hot water tank for building 2417 is still there on a concrete pedestal.  There were two shower / latrine buildings for each block of 20 – 24 barracks.  There are both photos and sketches of the original interiors so getting back to a more original configuration will be possible.

Restoration on these buildings has not yet begun but hopefully, in the next year, there will be significant progress on the construction.

Restoration Details

Each latrine is 1600 sq. feet and originally cost $2,400 to construct.

Constructed in 1943

The two latrines served 20 to 24 barracks.

Restoration Project

Both buildings require new roofing as well as repair and painting to the siding.  The windows will need reconstruction, along with the doors and entry.  Inside, the plumbing in the slab needs to be reworked, then the floors will be re-poured and walls put up in their original positions.  Interior plumbing and electrical need to be installed from scratch then waterproof wallboard put up in the whole building.  An HVAC system must be installed to keep the building from freezing in the winter. The original water tank will be put back on the concrete pedestal although it will be for appearance only.

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