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The Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project

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As the fierce fighting during World War II waged on, the United States sought to develop an atomic weapon powerful enough to make Axis forces surrender. Learn about the massive and secret national effort that made these weapons a reality.
Video correction (10:25): While the K-25 Gaseous Diffusion at Oak Ridge was being used, the actual enriched plutonium for the Little Boy bomb came from the Y-12 Beta-3 Racetrack at Oak Ridge which used electromagnetism.
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While there are so many sources out there, below are a few website/YouTube links we recommend. If you have recommended materials for us, let us know in the comments!
Atomic Heritage Foundation
The Moment in Time: The Manhattan Project University of California Television…
Los Alamos from Below Richard Feynman…

1:27 - Early work with nuclear fission

4:05 - The beginnings of the Manhattan Project

12:49 - “Little Boy”

14:51 - “Fat Man”

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